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Spiritual Crossfit 2019

Spiritual Crossfit 2019

March 30 - 9:00AM – 3:00PM

Free event. Free childcare if you sign up by March 20th, after that there will be a $25.00 fee for childcare.

"Soul Care" – our broken body, soul and spirit need the healing touch of Jesus. Tending the soul can heal broken humanity, broken relationships, broken heart, and broken marriages. The Holy Spirit has the power to heal. He can show you the direction of your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to do it in His way.

Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming The Bay With Christ, will be teaching on "Soul Care." Nancy is passionate about improving personal and organizational effectiveness, and she believes that teams are the most dynamic way to produce the most effective results. She believes in helping people bring out the best of who they are in order to do what they do best. Her particular interests are in analyzing and catalyzing the flow of energy and strategy in healthy, dynamic leadership teams.

After Nancy’s presentation, the second part of Spiritual CrossFit 2019 will be to “Exercise Soul Care.” In order to exercise “Soul Care,” faith (Beliefs and to Believe) is necessary because faith is like a muscle – it needs practice; it needs exercise; and it needs to be stretched, trained, used and cared for.

We have a personal trainer, the Holy Spirit, who will teach us in all things. Each of the four modules will cover “Modeling the Life of Jesus in Our Daily Life”, and the goal is to reproduce that divine life in others who will likewise model the life of Christ.

The day will include:

  • Guest Speaker: Nancy Ortberg from Menlo Church
  • Lunch (provided) and fellowship activities
  • Afternoon breakout sessions on sharing your faith
  • Closing time to share how God has spoken to you

At the “Spiritual CrossFit 2019 Part II”, we are offering four Faith Exercise Modules. The leaders of each module are experts on the one they will present. Each leader has led many people to Jesus, and each continues to disciple many other Christians.

Located at: Santa Clara First Baptist Church
3111 Benton Street, Santa Clara CA

For more information about the Spiritual Crossfit Summit, please contact the church office at 408-241-7635, office@scfbc.org.

This event has ended or is not accepting new signups