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Dec 1 - 1st Sunday Praise & Prayer Service 6 PM

Dec 5-9 - Bethlehem

Dec 12 - Sunnyvale Community Services Outreach 3 PM - 6:30 PM

Dec 14 - Men’s Breakfast 8:30 AM-10 AM

Dec 14 - Youth Present Wrapping Event 10-2 PM

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve Service 6 PM - 7 PM

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Bethlehem 2013

Pastor Rich, Senior Pastor


Bethlehem 2013
It's almost here! Bethlehem begins this week. ... 

God's Mightiest Prayer Warriors Wear Trifocals

Jenny Gregg, Deacon of Maturity


God's Mightiest Prayer Warriors Wear Trifocals
Most of us have met them—the ladies and gentlemen who look like a puff of wind might blow them over, but who are really quite able to do battle with the spiritual forces of evil in the name of Jesus Christ. I am talking about prayer warriors... ... 

Reaching Out

Jerry Cintas


Reaching Out
Reaching the homeless has always been at the heart of Santa Clara First Baptist Church and once again we put a team together to hand out clothing and blankets in downtown San Francisco. ... 

Because It's Needed!

Pastor Rich, Senior Pastor


Because It's Needed!
Have you noticed? All of our buildings are now sporting a beautiful new coat of paint! ... 
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