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12/1 SV Community Center Food Packing Outreach

12/3 Santa Clara High String Orchestra and Choir

12/3 Bethlehem - Lunch Meeting for ALL Cast and Crew

12/7-11 Bethlehem - All Church event

12/11 Baits / Baggao Circle

12/17 Bethlehem 20th Anniversary Celebration

12/19 Bethell Circle

12/24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7pm

12/25 & 26th Merry Christmas / Church Office closed

12/26 JW House / Dinner is served

12/28 CityTeam Outreach

12/31 Family Game Night and Potluck 6pm

1/1/2018 Happy New Year!

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Miracle Anthem and the First Christmas Songs

Wungreiso Valui, Sr. Pastor


Miracle Anthem and the First Christmas Songs
The Christmas music has been there for you through the years. The sound of the music evokes childish excitement and anticipation.This burst of excitement makes us burst into song. ... 

Note From the Board

Nicole Wiesen, Board Member


Note From the Board
Our difficult circumstances force us to be aware of our human limitations. Hopefully they cause us to depend on God for strength and perseverance. ... 

Almost Here!

Jerry Cintas


Almost Here!
Our biggest outreach is just around the corner. ... 

New Year's Eve family Game Night

Greg Robbins


New Year's Eve family Game Night
Please join us at the 2017 New Year's Eve party in the SCFBC Fellowship Hall. ... 

KIDZ Family Christmas Party

Margareth Valui, Family Life Pastor


KIDZ Family Christmas Party
We are having a birthday party at KID Zone on Sunday, December 17, from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. ... 

VIBE Youth Join San Francisco Homeless Outreach

Jonathan Fung, Youth Pastor


VIBE Youth Join San Francisco Homeless Outreach
The San Francisco Homeless Outreach was life changing for our VIBE youth. ... 

Library Corner

Allison Fung


Library Corner
Inspirational stories, devotionals and movies to help ring in the holiday season. ... 
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