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The Celebrate!
JULY 2018  

7/4 July 4th Outreach

7/4 Church Office Closed

7/10 White Cross Meets

7/11 Baits/Baggao Circle

7/12 VBS Starts

7/15 Volunteer Sunday

7/21 Shaken Prayer Event

7/24 JW House / Dinner is Served

7/26 City Team Outreach

7/29 All Nations Service

8/5 HOPE Silicon Valley Outreach

8/26 Worship in the Park

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Note from the Board

Nicole Wiesen


Note from the Board
Prayer is our lifeline to the Creator of the Universe, yet we still have difficulty surrendering all of our burdens to Him. ... 

July 4th Volunteers needed

Greg Robbins


July 4th Volunteers needed
We need friendly, willing people to help serve our community on the 4th of July. ... 

Connecting with others by helping

Connection Team


Connecting with others by helping
Many people want to help those in great need, and especially those who have experienced a situation that leaves them without the resources to pay their bills. ... 

Back to the Kikongo

Glen & Rita Chapman


Back to the Kikongo
It was such a good year in the United States, but I am glad to be back in action again. ... 

Connect Kikongo

Kyle & Katrina Williams


Connect Kikongo
After one year in France, and two years in Congo, we are coming to the United States. ... 

VIBE Urban Missions Outreach

Jonathan Fung, Youth Pastor


VIBE Urban Missions Outreach
I am so proud of our youth who attended our first urban mission outreach trip. ... 

Library Corner

Library Team


Library Corner
Have you found your "good books" for summer reading yet? ... 
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