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The Celebrate!
MARCH 2014  

Serving the Needy


Book Nook and Library Corner

What's Bugging You????

The Youth Did What??


March 8 - Men's Breakfast 8:30 AM

March 8 - Newcomers Dessert 7 PM

March 15 - Cut-N-Paste Card Making Event
3 PM - 8 PM

March 23 - Intro to Membership
9 AM

March 25 - Sunnyvale Community Services Food Bagging
6 PM - 8 PM

April 18 - Journey to the Cross

April 20 - Easter Service

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Do you think it could really be true?

Pastor Rich, Senior Pastor


Do you think it could really be true?
We have long known that many of those who attend our Bethlehem outreach have very little understanding of the real story of Christmas. ... 

Into the Neutral Zone

Joel Robinson, Chairman of the Board


Into the Neutral Zone
'We are in a period of transition.' Over the past few months, we have heard Pastor Richard preach on this subject several times. ... 

Art Explosion at Scott Lane

Pastor Jennifer Hammar, Associate Pastor


Art Explosion at Scott Lane
As part of our growing relationship with Scott Lane Elementary, we are offering an after school arts program to the students. ... 

Guess who's Coming to Dinner

Jenny Gregg, Director of Spiritual Formation


Guess who's Coming to Dinner
Ever had a moment when you realize you've misunderstood something for as long as you can remember? ... 
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