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10/31 Bethlehem Build Starts 9am-12pm

11/3 Election Day

11/8 Meet and Greet 9am

11/19 City Team Outreach

11/19 Lunch Bunch

11/22 Intro to SCFBC 9am

11/22 International Potluck Lunch & Annual Meeting 12:30pm

11/26-27 Office Closed for Thanksgiving

11/29 SF Cold Weather Outreach 4pm-11pm

12/4 SVCS Christmas Center Outreach 6:30-8:30pm

12/6 Bethlehem Lunch

12/10-14 Bethlehem Performance nights

12/24 Christmas Eve Service

12/31 New Year's Eve Family Game Night

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Valley Fire Work Trip

Sharon Cintas


Valley Fire Work Trip
On October 19-21 Santa Clara First Baptist sent a team of 11 to help with the relief effort for people devastated from the Valley Fire in Lake County, CA. ... 

France With The Williams

Kyle and Katrina Williams


France With The Williams
It is hard to believe we have been in France for two months! ... 

Commissioned to Serve in the Middle East

International Ministries


Commissioned to Serve  in the Middle East
Melanie Baggao of Placentia, California, was commissioned to serve with American Baptist International Ministries (IM) in the Middle East. ... 

Flip Me, Lord!

Jenny Gregg, Director of Discipleship


Flip Me, Lord!
Jesus is the ultimate flipper, and we are His houses. ... 

Changes on the SPEEDway

Susi Reaves, Interim Director of SPEEDway Children's Ministry


Changes on the SPEEDway
When I accepted the position as Interim Director of Children’s Ministry at Santa Clara First Baptist, I knew it would not last forever. ... 

Pastoring Your Children

Susi Reaves, Interim Director of SPEEDway Children's Ministry


Pastoring Your Children
Deuteronomy 6 tells us to take the commandments of the Lord and "impress them upon your children." ... 

Youth News!

Youth Staff


Youth News!
We held our annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser on October 24th, when we transformed the Fellowship Hall into Baptista Ristorante. ... 

Library Corner: Church for Real

Allison Fung


Library Corner: Church for Real
True, we come to church to worship God, glean a deeper understanding of the Bible, and enjoy the company of other believers.But what is the primary reason we gather as Christians? ... 
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