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Sep 14-15: Art & Wine Volunteering

Sep 15-21: Fall Trimester Life Groups Begin

Sep 21: Mexico House Pre-Build

Sep 22: Quarterly Family Gathering

Sep 26: Birthday Lunch Bunch at Sweet Tomatoes

Sep 27-29: Mexico House Build Trip

Oct 19: Church Family Workday

Oct 25-26: Rummage Sale

Oct 31: Trunk or Treat Outreach

Nov 24: SF Homeless Outreach

Dec 5-9: Bethlehem

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Art & Wine Festival

Jerry Cintas


Art & Wine Festival
We are having a booth at the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival this year with a very unique spin to it involving Legos and Art. ... 

Shelter for a Family

Jerry Cintas


Shelter for a Family
There is a small agricultural village in Mexico called Ojos Negros. This village lays off of the main highway, east of Ensenada, and consists of dirt ... 

Transforming Truths

Pastor Rich


Transforming Truths
What you believe affects everything about your life. What you believe about God affects not only everything about your life but about your eternal destiny as well ... 

Taking the Plunge

Jenny Gregg, Deacon of Maturity


Taking the Plunge
He’s waiting with open arms. Just as you began your life as a Christian with a decision, we must make more decisions along the way. ... 

Campus Transformation

Dave Wilson, Church Administrator


Campus Transformation
There are many changes taking place in SCFBC right now: spiritual, corporate processes, new faces, the physical appearance of our buildings ... 
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