Pastor Jennifer Hammar
Associate Pastor
November 2013

Trunk or Treat Celebration!

Trunk or Treat was a HUGE success! On Halloween night our parking lot was packed with neighborhood families for 2 wonderful hours. Many from our church came out to serve our community by decorating their cars, building the box maze, serving food, supervising the jumper and slide and welcoming our guests. The result was a safe, welcoming and fabulously fun neighborhood party!

The Cars!

At this year's event we had 12 creatively decorated cars for our guests (big and small) to visit. Most cars included a game or activity for the guests to play, and every car had candy. Themes included SpongeBob, Elmo, Minion Bowling, 49ers, Heaven, Mickey Mouse, Spiders, and Cool Science. The Youth Van was transformed into a Haunted House run by some creepy characters who closely resemble some of our youth boys.

The Food!

When you offer FREE FOOD, you know its going to be popular. When that free food is also delicious and served by friendly, warm-hearted people you know you're going to sell out. That's exactly what happened. At the end of the evening all the hot dogs, nachos and chili were gone. The only food left was 4 bags of popcorn. Great job to the food team!

The Box Maze!
Think you can easily make your way through a maze built for children? Don't be so sure! This year's Box Maze was HUGE, with many false turns and dead ends. You have to see it to believe it. The maze is still up and intact, so come by on Sunday and check it out. Give it a try if you dare.


We heard "Thank you so much" from many of our guests as they headed home from Trunk or Treat. Many were surprised that the event was free, and all of them appreciated a safe place to come and have some Halloween fun with their families. Every guest left our parking lot knowing that SCFBC is a church that values families, values community, and values serving others with the love of Christ.

Thank you so much to all those who gave their time, energy and talents to this event. Your warm hospitality and service is making a difference.