Pastor Rich
Transitioning Pastor
July 2014

For those of you who heard the last two sermons on "The Money Plant," you may be wondering, "OK. I want to be a better steward of the financial resources God has given to me.  Now what?  What should be my 'Next Steps'?'"

The good news is that wherever you are in your progress towards becoming a healthy giver, there is a step for you.  Consider the following:

Chart your monthly expenses

Until you begin to chart your monthly expenditures, you don't really know where the money is going.  Only then can you take the next step:

Make a personal budget

I'm amazed how many people don't do this.  There are usually two excuses given for not making a monthly budget.  "I have too much money."  "I don't have any money."  The first says that because I have enough money I don't need to watch how I spend it.  The second assumes that because there is never enough to go around it's no use trying to budget it.

Both excuses fail to see that God wants us to be responsible stewards for what we have at the moment, be it great or small.

Begin to give to God on a percentage basis

A lot of people give to God what is left over at the end of the month.  They need to know that God isn't interested in their "leftovers."  God is worthy and deserving of our very best offerings.  And so, decide what percentage of your income you will give to God and give it at the beginning of the month.  Use the tithe (10%) as a benchmark.  For some it's a target to shoot for.  For others it's a launching pad to increase.

God will bless you when you give to Him.  You will become increasingly free from the siren call of consumerism.  You will find a greater joy in blessing others.  Remember the words of Mother Teresa, "Everything that is not given is lost."