Jerry Cintas
Director of Facilities
March 2015

Many plans have recently been made and drawings created for new facility improvements. Already in 2015 Room 4 (Storage Room) has been completely remodeled with paint and new carpeting, shelves and bins for the children's img-60753.jpg ministry resource materials.  Kevin Prather spent a day tearing out and dumping the old built-in wood shelves and Margarite Lee and her SPEEDway Resource Team organized all the children's resource items that needed to be stored.

At the same time, Room 21 was emptied of all the children's ministry items being stored there and then was cleaned and restored with new paint and carpeting.  This room will eventually be our Event Storage Room with organized shelves that will hold all the items that are used for our reoccurring events like Journey to the Cross, Trunk or Treat, 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Super Bowl, Worship in the Park, and more.  It will be a great central area for groups to easily find the materials for these events.  For the next couple of months this room will be the temporary Nursery.

Nursery Remodel

As part of our continuing emphasis to bring all of our rooms up to modern standards and appearance, plans have finally been completed for the Nursery remodel. Some big changes, besides paint and new carpeting, are the removal of the wall between the two rooms to make a larger tiled lobby for parents to drop off their infants and toddlers; installation of two new cubbie areas, custom counters and changing tables; a new nursing room; lots of updated lighting and more.  The renovation project will begin March 2nd.  A generous gift from the Virginia Gehman memorial will be used to fund this project.

Fellowship Hall Improvements

The Board voted in February to allow $36,000 of our 2014 surplus to be used for some much needed facility upgrades.  These are already in progress and include replacing our 1968 double-wide refrigerator with a newer more energy efficient model, a new tankless hot water heater to replace the leaking one in the kitchen, air conditioners/heaters for the Nursery, Preschool, and K/1 classrooms, and new windows for those classrooms and all of the Fellowship Hall classrooms.

Our leaky windows have needed to be replaced for many years, but there was never a large enough fund to accomplish the work, so it is great to be able to finally accomplish this project. Thirty-one new double-pane windows will be installed in mid-March with all of the rear alley-facing windows having obscure frosted glass. The obscure glass will be great for keeping people behind the church from looking in and allow us to remove the aging blinds and have natural light flow into the rooms all year long.

With the new windows and air conditioners, those unbearable summer months in the children classrooms will be enjoyable.

Fellowship Hall Acoustics

If you attended the Celebration Sunday lunch on February 22nd you probably saw the new acoustic panels mounted on the south wall.   Bryant Migliaccio and Jerry Cintas quickly installed them to be ready for the lunch crowd.  We are constantly trying to improve the noise level and sound quality in that room and think this is the right step for addressing the issue.  The first 12 panels helped quite a bit with the noise level at the lunch, but the addition of 20 more panels on the other walls will be needed to completely resolve the problem.   Those will not be installed all at once, but as the year goes on and funds become available, more panels will be added.