Andrew Wong
Pastoral Search Committee Chairman
March 2015

In February, we continued vetting the current slate of candidates that Dr. Hoyt provided for us.  Also, we conducted a positive interview with a candidate who ultimately decided to pursue other endeavors. While disappointing, we learned more about our church needs and how to more effectively communicate those with prospective candidates to ensure that we have the correct fit.  We have also received candidates from our job postings and are vetting those as well, and we recently met with Dr. Hoyt, providing him with feedback on the process so far and reporting where we are currently.  Please continue to pray throughout this process for unity of the search team as well as a sense of the Holy Spirit's leading as we look at these new candidates.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about where the search process is, do not hesitate to contact any of us. You may be the voice of God that we need to hear!

The Pastoral Search Team
Jerri Cooper, Gary Dong, Jonathan Fung, Greg Robbins, Lisa Robinson, Larry Trigg, Andrew Wong