Pastor Rich
Transitioning Pastor
March 2015

On an overcast day in Florida in the late winter of 2013, a man whose family had lived in the same home for generations suddenly lost his life when a sinkhole opened up beneath the home’s foundation, causing the floor to collapse and simply swallow up the house. Experts say that in parts of Florida, the limestone that lies beneath the earth’s surface is slowly being dissolved by acidic rain-water . When enough rock is eaten away, the void simply collapses under the weight of what an inadequate foundation can no longer support.

So writes John Ortberg in his latest book, Soul Keeping.  His point?  If we are not paying attention to the foundation of our being, someday we might suffer an internal collapse of the same magnitude.

My next message series is based on the warning of this book.  Beginning March 1st and extending through Easter I'll review the basics of what our souls are and how to properly care for them.  

In addition Jenny Gregg and I will be emailing a daily thought and suggested prayer five times a week.  Let's make sure we take the time to properly care for the deepest part of ourselves.