Dr. Wungreiso Valui
Senior Pastor
January 2016

Our sermon series for the month of January will explore who God created us to be.

DNA is the Medium but not the Message. Genetic information is stored in the DNA. So what is our “Spiritual DNA” and what is “The Message.” According to the Bible, we are created in God’s image and we have God’s DNA- we are partakers of the Divine Nature of God. How shall we live then?

The Telegraph published that whether you hail from Surbiton, Ulan Bator or Nairobi, your genetic make-up is strikingly similar to that of every other person on Earth. All humans are 99.9 percent identical and, of that tiny 0.1 per cent difference, 94 per cent of the variation is among individuals from the same populations and only six per cent between individuals from different populations.

Prof Marcus Feldman of Stanford University who led the team analyzed DNA from 1,056 people from 52 populations in five major geographic regions of the world: Africa, Eurasia (Europe, the Middle East, Central and South Asia), East Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

Although we share 99.9% similarities every person has a unique DNA finger print. God has revealed His Divine Plans in His Word. The Divine Plans in the Bible can be decoded through the help of the Holy Spirit. The Great Commandment and the Great Commission is for every believer and every Church. However the strategy to accomplish the work can be unique to the context and culture we live in.

We have a unique Spiritual DNA Fingerprint to live out the command and carry out the commission of God unique to our context and culture. Consider the 5Cs as our spiritual DNA. This will be our sermon series for the month of January.






God has called our Church to be a “House of All Nations and For All Nations.” This will be a place where people encounter God and lives are transformed. Let us humbly seek the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to accomplish what God has prepared for us in this season.