Wungreiso Valui
October 2017

One Soul at a Time. Now That's Doable.

On the first Sunday of October, we will baptize a young man. This young man, who was unchurched, came forward three weeks ago after the worship service to give his life to Christ. There is no greater miracle than to see a person committing his life to Christ.

Reaching Out to Our Community at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival

Our family was at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival to host the Lego booth set up by our church. The purpose of setting up a Lego booth was to connect our church to the people who came to the festival from communities throughout the area. We wanted to send a strong message that we are a vital part of building hope in the city.

The Lego creations were amazing. The kids were innovative, inventive and creative. I watched the kids build amazing creations, one Lego piece at a time, and the experience reinforced my philosophy of ministry, "Change one person at a time." When we meticulously give attention to, and build relationships with, one person at a time amazing things can happen. Transformation needs investment.

I was pitching my vision on changing and transforming the city to the church board. The vision was a God-size vision and I realized that a sense of feeling overwhelmed had enveloped the boardroom. The grand vision was quickly becoming a grand blur. The vision appeared to be daunting and insurmountable. I had to step back and reiterate that we can change the city only when we "Change one person at a time." There was a sigh of relief and one board member said, "Now that's doable."

We have a God-size vision for our church, but remember that we are:

  • Building character one child at a time
  • Changing one person at a time
  • Reaching one person at a time
  • Connecting people to God one person at a time.

Now that's doable. Shall we?