Wungreiso Valui
February 2018


"Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams." Acts 2:17

Imagine seeing a vision from the creator of the universe. Wait! Imagine seeing the Almighty and knowing His mind. You will truly be a transcendent genius. Truth is, only the Holy Spirit that dwells within us knows the mind of God.

God makes His vision known to us and He alone speaks to us in dreams. So when we share the VISION2020 of Santa Clara First Baptist Church, we are sharing what we understand is Spirit-led for this season.


VISION2020 has three major focuses. In this article, we will focus on one of the three: Local and Global Impact. We feel strongly that our church should make an impact investment, both locally and globally. We have identified ways to make an impact on our investment.

  1. Educational Impact
  2. Social Impact
  3. Spiritual Impact


Education helps people accomplish their dreams. This idea that education helps people to have a vision and a dream may be shocking to some of you. But your pastor has met many uneducated  children in poor countries who have no dreams. It is one of the visions of Santa Clara First Baptist Church to help establish a school in a poor country. We will be sharing how God is leading us in the month of February.


We are blessed to have the opportunity to make a significant and positive difference on socially pressing challenges. Social impact encompasses both emotional and physical aspects. We are leveraging the expertise and philanthropic DNA of our church members to make a difference. Our Medical Ministry is a great example of this endeavor. You will soon be hearing about the progress we have made in this area, and how you can become involved at an even greater level than you have been.


Our church is in Santa Clara, but our eyes are also in the world. We recognize God is a global God and we are global Christians. God has inspired us to plant two new churches, and we are following His lead. It is our desire to plant a Hispanic church, and we are on to it. It is my privilege to inform you that God may be leading us to plant another church outside this country.

Excited! Yes, this is exciting and the New Series in the month of February is on VISION2020: LOCAL AND GLOBAL IMPACT.

Stay Tuned.