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GodTrack is a 4 week course designed to help you discover Who God is, Why you exist, What is God’s plan and purpose for your life and How to live a meaningful purposeful life. It connects you to God’s Church and His mission.

Track One: GOD-Discover

This session teaches you how to start discovering who God is, your purpose, gifts, develop life-giving relationships and gives you a foundation on mission and vision at SCFBC.

Track Two: GO-Direction

This session sets you on the path to encounter God, connect with one another and begin to develop meaningful and purposeful life through SCFBC Life Groups.

Track Three. GROW-Disciple

This session explores God's design to grow, how you can serve, disciple and lead others to encounter the life-transforming God through SCFBC Life Groups and Ministries.

Track Four: GIVE-Devotion

This session concludes GodTrack by showing how you can make a difference in your church, community, and the world.

We encourage you to start with Track One which will take place at 9:15am on Sunday Nov 1, 2020 in the Pastor's office. Track One always begins on the first Sunday of each month.

Please let us know that you would like to attend GodTrack by typing in your full name and email below. You can list other members of your family that would like to attend, in the notes section.