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To many Wungreiso Valui is known for his passion for the gospel, commitment to a deep prayer life and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is known for saying, "There is no greater joy than to lead someone to Jesus." To his family Wungreiso is a husband who loves his wife, a father who loves his children and a pastor who loves the church.

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Margareth Valui is an educationist, a gifted teacher and a spiritual leader. She has a unique gift to teach, disciple and mentor people of all ages. Her husband and children knows she is a loving wife, resourceful mother and a committed servant of God.

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Jonathan has a passion to mentor youth and help them experience God's love. His calling is to encourage students to discover their identity in Christ and begin to own their faith. Jonathan was selected to be part of the TENx10 Youth Leaders Practitioner Council that focuses on relational discipleship helping faith matter more to young people. Jonathan also teaches photography and art at San Jose State University and is a Mosaic Cross Cultural Faculty Fellow developing social justice, diversity, and mental health awareness on campus. He creates art installations and films to explore the human condition, especially the injustice of human trafficking. Jonathan enjoys coaching basketball and loves spending time with his family.

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Sharon Cintas

Worship Director

Sharon Cintas has been leading worship for over 25 years for our Sunday morning service. She plays guitar and piano and helps design the worship service each week. Sharon and her husband Jerry are parents of twin daughters, Carmen and Camille.

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Jerry Cintas

Property Administrator / IT / AV

Jerry Cintas grew up at Santa Clara First Baptist and after more than 50 years at the church has seen many changes. He has been involved in implementing major campus renovations like the 2010 sanctuary remodel and the 2020 community park. With an intensive background in Engineering, Software Design, Music, and Construction he is a welcomed addition to the staff.

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Chris McLenegan

Video Support

Chris grew up in Santa Clara and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a BA in Film Studies.

Board of Directors

Jon Hammar

Board President

Jonathan Hammar, a former AWANA leader and Children's director at SCFBC, has been attending SCFBC for almost 22 years.
Jonathan and his family are active members of the church. His wife Jennifer (an ordained American Baptist pastor) is a school teacher. Their children, Jason and Josie, are both leaders in youth and young adult ministries.
Professionally, Jonathan is an IT manager in charge of planning and implementing strategic IT processes and practices. Jonathan is part owner of Strategic Business Insights, a company that helps the Fortune 2000 with strategic planning for the next 5-30 years. His work brings futures into focus.

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Duane Esquibel


Duane grew up in San Jose, graduating rom Leigh High School and San Jose State University. He accepted Jesus while attending Cathedral Faith Church in San Jose. He was baptized at Bay Horizon Church in Santa Clara and served as Chairman of the board for 2 1/2 years there.

Duane and his wife Rosemarie have been attending SCFBC for 21 years and have been involved in many ministries like Bethlehem, greeting, hospitality, Life group leaders, and renovating the campus.

"This church has helped me grow closer to God. During my time here, I have survived lung cancer and a kidney cancer operation, as well as radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Through these experiences I have learned what it means to completely trust God for everything in my life. Today I follow all of Gods leadings and am motivated for our growth and outreach."

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Dupe Fajembola

Dupe Fajembola grew up in West Africa where she gave her life to God as a child, courtesy of a Christian tract. She moved to the United States for further studies at North Carolina State University and has worked as a Software Engineering Project Manager for over 10 years including a relocation to the Bay area to take up a role with a local company a few years ago. In Ministry, she has found her passion serving in Audio Visual and Children's departments since 2007 in North Carolina and Maryland and has found the opportunity to continue doing the same at SCFBC. She was drawn to SCFBC by its focus on building a deeper relationship with Christ through spiritual disciplines as well as sharing God's love in the local community.

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Haze Dennis

You never know what God has in store for you. Haze was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. The entire time growing up, Haze wanted to be a dentist, and aligned his college preparation and application efforts for such. Haze also worked at an early age on the Mississippi River Front in his uncle's snack shop, as well as working the ubiquitous fast food gig during his senior year. Little did he know that these early jobs would lay the foundation for a career, not in dentistry, but in the foodservice industry and then in hospitality education. An unexpected pivot during his senior year in HS landed Haze at the United States Air Force Academy instead of dental school. Had he graduated from the Academy, Haze would have been commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force, but that was not to be either. Upon returning home from the Academy, Haze fell back on the experience from his youthful food service jobs, and attended St. Louis Community College for hospitality management. Completing his AS degree, Haze transferred to UNLV where he earned his BS. Through stints in correctional food service, Stanford University Dining Service and Athletics and Concession services, Haze wound up in the Bay Area, where his career in hospitality education, at Mission College, began. Baptized at an early age, God has been a constant source of strength and perseverance throughout Haze's life. Haze has finally accepted the call to formally serve, as a board member.

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Soraya Muffenbier

I was baptized at the age of 17. My parents were Christians and I grew up in the church with my parents in Indonesia. I have been involved in small bible studies and worship teams in the church my whole life. I served at the New Life church of Batam city in Indonesia and I was married in that church. My husband and I moved to California in 2018.
I am currently working as an RV park manager and plan on attending medical school full-time very soon.
I came to Santa Clara First Baptist Church in January 2019. We are active in our community, helping others in their life and faith. I am part of the worship team and it has been a source of joy for me.
I am also part of the YoPro life group where I can find a positive vibe among the people. I have developed many good relationships at SCFBC, and it is a big blessing in my life. My dad always said, it is good to do things that you are passionate about, but it is more important to fulfill the purpose of your life. To be an active member of this church and serve God is something I can do. I believe, hopefully, this is God's purpose in my life: to become a blessing to others.

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