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Multiply 2024

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 7 - Jun 30, 2024

Multiply: Disciple-Maker Series is centered around three fundamental principles: Following Jesus, Becoming Like Jesus, and Doing What Jesus Did.

The Journey

Pastor Margareth Valui: Mar 3 - Mar 31, 2024

The five significant Journeys in the life of Jesus and his disciples.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 4 - Feb 25, 2024

Love is the very foundation of discipleship. It serves as the unmistakable hallmark of a true disciple of Christ.

From Manger to Majesty

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 3 - Dec 24, 2023

In this series, we will shine a spotlight on the key figures who played pivotal roles in the greatest miracle of all time. From the humble manger to the glorious majesty, Jesus' journey is the transformative miracle that touches our hearts and lives.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 5 - Nov 26, 2023

In this four-part sermon series, we will explore the theme of gratitude in the book of Philippians. We will discover how a heart filled with gratitude can lead to lasting joy and contentment.

Follow Me

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 17 - Oct 29, 2023

How can we nurture our spiritual growth, strengthen our relationships with God and those around us, and embrace an abundant life— a rich, fulfilling, and meaningful life?


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 4 - Sep 3, 2023

By practicing Sabbatical Reflection, you can deepen your relationship with God, gain clarity and perspective, and develop habits that will support your growth even after your sabbatical has ended.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Mar 5 - May 28, 2023

Rejuvenation can happen when there is an intervention. To be more specific, spiritual rejuvenation happens when there is a divine intervention. When you read the Scripture, the Bible heroes, every one of them, experienced spiritual rejuvenation because of God’s intervention.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 4, 2022 - Feb 26, 2023

Jesus can make all things new. Renewal is a gift and the greatest gift is Jesus himself. The Christmas season is a great reminder of the greatest gift –Jesus, who came to make all things new.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 4 - Nov 27, 2022

The purpose of the Rest series is that we will have a better understanding of Sabbath Rest and be able to actively practice it in our lives.

Grow 2022

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jul 3 - Aug 28, 2022

Designed to help you GROW in faith and to mature both in your knowledge of Scripture and in your daily Christian living. We will study the Book of Acts to learn how the early Christians lived out the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives.

Reboot 2022

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 17 - Jun 5, 2022

The Resurrection and Pentecost made you eligible for an upgrade to your life. The good news is that it is prepaid and comes with a lifetime warranty. You need to take the necessary steps to upgrade and reboot your human and spiritual operating systems.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 6 - Apr 10, 2022

ROOTED is a 10-week catalyst for life-change, a program for people in every life stage, wherever they are in their walk with Christ. Rooted is designed to deepen your connection with God, His church, and your purpose in the epic story God is writing through human history.

Reset 2022

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jan 2 - Jan 30, 2022

RESET2022 is church-wide fasting and prayer for a breakthrough. God gives dreams and visions for a breakthrough. Ask God to give you dreams and visions for your own breakthrough.

Christmas Series

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 28 - Dec 26, 2021

The world we live in desperately needs hope, peace, joy and love. The good news is you can experience hope, peace, joy and love in your daily life, and it is a free gift. There is no better time than now, this Christmas season, to lift up Jesus who can give real hope, peace, joy, and love to all humankind. He is the Savior of the world, the mighty God who is mighty to save.

The Great Shift

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 5 - Nov 28, 2021

The "GREAT SHIFT" series is to help you Pivot With Purpose In The Pandemic. The teaching series is designed to help you pivot a life path for growth and purpose and make the most of every opportunity.

Celebrating Every Win With God

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 1 - Aug 29, 2021

Don't Let The Big Goals Make The Small Wins Insignificant When you measure small wins, it makes you realize that the big goals are attainable.

Leading in Anxious Times

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 6 - Jul 25, 2021

Anxious times call for a clear message, a reminder of the calm and steady presence of God. Your leadership at home or at work will affect the people you lead. You don’t need a fancy title to be a leader. You can make a positive impact where you are. Esther was an orphan; Nehemiah was a regular guy. These men and women did not part the sea nor raise the dead. They performed no miracles, rather, Nehemiah and Esther simply saw an opportunity to help their people and they did. Their life stories are not much different than ours.

Revival Heart

Revival Heart

Pastor Jonathan Fung: May 30


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 4 - May 23, 2021

Re-build your faith between Resurrection and Pentecost. Celebrate the new resurrected life, overcome your fear, refuse to doubt, restore your faith, live the Great Commission, receive and embrace the Holy Spirit, and use the power of the Holy Spirit to build your faith.

Behold Your Mother

Behold Your Mother

Pastor Margareth Valui: May 9

Every year, around Mother's Day I think about the lessons I learned from my mother.

Multiply 2021

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Mar 7 - Mar 28, 2021

This sermon series will focus on "The Jesus Model" of making disciples and developing leaders. Jesus transformed Peter into a disciple and a great leader. The calls to “Follow Me” (Matthew 4:19) and to “Feed My sheep” (John 21:17) are integral to this transformation. To lead like Jesus, we must lead with Him.

Home-Based Faith

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 7 - Feb 28, 2021

Since COVID-19 emerged, the home has become the new center for schooling, work, church, shopping, fitness, and entertainment.

Home-Based Faith series is designed to nurture home-based spiritual formation, provide home-based spiritual direction, cultivate home-based spiritual gifts, and develop home-based spiritual disciplines

Reset 2021

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jan 3 - Jan 31, 2021

The RESET 2021 church-wide fasting and prayer is designed for us to seek God for renewal, revival, restoration, and a change in how we do things and how we live. We need a RESET to face the challenge ahead of us. The pandemic created a pause, a break in our routine, and forced us to reflect on what really matters. Now is the time for a RESET. When you fast and pray to RESET your life, pray for 31 people in 31 days so they can also REST their lives.

The Manger

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 6 - Dec 27, 2020

The first Christmas was simple yet miraculous.
The first Christmas was simple but not ordinary.
In these uncertain times, we need a simple reminder of the first Christmas miracle to finish the year strong and press on to the new year with a bold and relentless faith.

Count Your Blessings

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 1 - Nov 29, 2020

In crisis, while you are living through hard times, counting your blessings can let you choose to live a life of gratitude. It is not enough just to count the blessings; name your blessings and it will surprise you what the Lord has done for you.

The Redemption Playbook

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Oct 4 - Oct 25, 2020

When the odds are against you, expect the unexpected. God remembers everything and never forgets His promises.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 6 - Sep 27, 2020

Every tree will be known by its fruit. A good tree is a byproduct of deep and healthy roots. This series will give specific directions on how to become a person planted by the streams of water.

The Hope Plan

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 2 - Aug 30, 2020

God has a Plan. His Plan is for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. The "Hope Plan" Series is to remind us that God gives us a future of hope.

Rooted in Discipleship

Jul 12 - Jul 26, 2020

A Sermon Series on our ministry priorities. Why we do we do what we do and what we value.

Ancient-Future Church

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 31 - Jul 5, 2020

This 6-week Sermon Series on "How to Have an Unshakable Faith to Rejoice in Trying Times" will help you build an enduring faith and bear both abundant and enduring fruit in the post-pandemic world.

Upside-Down Living

Upside-Down Living

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 24

Followers of Jesus are called to live in such as way as to stand the values of this world on their heads.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 5 - Apr 25, 2020

The 4 weeks series will guide you on how to live a victorious life in all your seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Ekklesia 365

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 9 - Mar 22, 2020

Imagine genuinely loving your neighbors 365 days of the year. Imagine genuinely loving your enemies 365 days of the year. Imagine genuinely forgiving others 365 days of the year. Imagine experiencing such inner freedom and the outward faithful representation of Jesus.

The Gospel Plan

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 1 - Nov 24, 2019

God has a plan for you, a plan to give you eternal life.



Jonathan Fung: Dec 29

How to fast and pray for 31 days.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 1 - Dec 22, 2019

With God, nothing is impossible. He is the Great I Am (IM). For with God nothing is impossible. Are the odds stacked against you? Do you want to turn the odds in your favor? Here's how you can make the impossible possible.

Rebuilding Relationships Starts With Forgiveness

Rebuilding Relationships Starts With Forgiveness

Sun Kim: Nov 17

Rebuilding relationships begins with forgiveness, and with healing and hope we can build a love stronger than ever before.

Only the Name of Jesus Can Give Real Protection

Only the Name of Jesus Can Give Real Protection

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 18

Only Jesus can give real protection Only Jesus can promise real prosperity Only Jesus can manifest the presence of God

The Fellowship and Character of a Church Family

The Fellowship and Character of a Church Family

Matt Stephens: Aug 11

Santa Clara First Baptist Church is a house of prayer for all nations and of all nations. Our church courtyard will be the place where those nations come together, as family, to fellowship, eat, pray and grow. Bringing this to reality will require us to imitate the work, labor and endurance of the Thessalonians.

Hope Sunday

Hope Sunday

Dr. Jeffrey Haggray: Aug 4

Guest preacher Dr. Jeffrey Haggray shares a message of hope this Sunday.

Who Is My Neighbor

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 2 - Jul 28, 2019

The series "Who is my neighbor" is about what kind of a person am I. The question "Who is my neighbor" directly deals with the question "Who am I." The Great Commandment is more about you than the neighbor. Finding your neighbor is finding yourself. The decisive issue facing you is the issue of love. Loving God will lead you to love your neighbor as yourselves.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving Your Neighbor

Dr. James Brenneman: Jul 21

Guest Pastor Dr. James Brenneman give the sermon today on All Nations Sunday.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth: Jul 14

Youth Sunday messages by Ayla Fung, Rey Valui, and Shim Valui.

God Our Father

God Our Father

Margareth Valui: Jun 16

God is a caring, faithful, and good father. How can we learn to live and love like he does?

Meeting People Where They're At

Meeting People Where They're At

Jonathan Fung: May 19

When we follow Jesus by meeting people where they're at, God moves people's hearts.

Mother's Day Message

Mother's Day Message

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 12

When there is no one to comfort you, remember God is there to comfort you like a mother comforts her children.

Do I even Matter?

Do I even Matter?

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 5

God says fear not, you are of great value. Let God determine your value.

Following Jesus

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 7 - Apr 28, 2019

In the "Following Jesus" Series, we will follow Jesus through His suffering, triumph, and resurrection. You will learn what it means to share in the suffering of Jesus. You will discover what it means to triumph over suffering and to rejoice with Jesus in His resurrection that He conquered death itself. You will understand why bearing our cross daily will help you to lead a victorious life.

Live Like Jesus

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 3 - Mar 31, 2019

This series is a practical message on making disciples in an age of fantastic technology most of us would not have dreamt possible. It is an integrated experience on how to live like Jesus daily and how to apply the ancient but timeless message of the Bible in our modern world.

We Are Here Together!

We Are Here Together!

Lee Ann R Flescher PhD: Jan 27

These are the spiritual practices we are called to perform. And when we embrace these practices and incorporate them into our lives, we are living into the Kingdom of God.

Open Door

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jan 6 - Jan 20, 2019

God has set an open door for you. This series is to help you walk through God-given opportunities and possibilities.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

The Power of Prayer and Fasting

Jonathan Fung: Dec 30

The blessing and connection you will receive when fasting.

The Life Christmas Series

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 2 - Dec 23, 2018

Helping you find the secret to an Abundant Life. Do you live or do you merely exist? Many of us dream of having an abundant life, but instead of living an abundant life, we simply exist. God has a dream for humankind to have an abundant life. The Christmas Series is designed to help you find the secret to an abundant life.

We Serve God By Serving Others

We Serve God By Serving Others

Jonathan Fung: Nov 25

What will inspire you to step out in faith and serve?

Making Disciples

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 30 - Nov 18, 2018

In order to fulfill the commandment of Jesus to make disciples, we must first become true disciples ourselves. This fall, we will study the life and ministry of Paul as the model for engaging today's culture, using the Gospel as he presents it in the Book of Acts. In a rapidly changing world, how can we engage today's ever-changing culture with the never-changing Gospel?

Faith in the Workplace: Silicon Valley

Faith in the Workplace: Silicon Valley

Alex Wiesen: Sep 23

Alex shares about his life and career at Google.

Follow Me

Follow Me

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 16

Follow Me Unshakable faith in uncharted territory What did Jesus do? What must we do?

Faith in the Work Place

Faith in the Work Place

Jonathan Fung: Sep 9

A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.

Take Your Gifts to Work

Take Your Gifts to Work

Matt Stephens: Sep 2

Our Christian lives continue after we leave the walls of the church.

Youth Sunday 2018

Youth Sunday 2018

Jonathan Fung: Aug 19

What Matters...

Children Matter to God

Children Matter to God

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 12

Every child matters to God and He commanded us to teach that God matters to every child.

Hope Silicon Valley

Hope Silicon Valley

Greg Robbins: Aug 5

Getting Ready For Hope Silicon Valley

What If

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jul 1 - Jul 29, 2018

What If the church and its leaders were to train and create an opportunity for every member to use their gifts and talents for God's work. What If All gifts and talents are used to build the body of Christ in the church internally and to reach the world externally. What If is a study in the Book of Acts.

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

Jonathan Fung: Jun 24

Our youth pastor Jonathan Fung shares about the Youth trip they took to San Francisco to work with YWAM in the tenderloin district serving the homeless.

Seeing God at Work Everyday

Seeing God at Work Everyday

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Jun 17

Pastor Dan shares the Father's Day message.

The Beginning of the Church

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 15 - May 27, 2018

The Holy Spirit is the Breath and Life of the Church. The Divine Origin of the church began with the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspired the growth of the church locally and the spread of the church universally. The continued growth of the local church and spread of the Good News throughout the world hinges on the Holy Spirit.

Mother's Day Message

Mother's Day Message

Pastor Isaac Shaw: May 13

A special message on Mother's Day

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Jonathan Fung: Apr 15

The Holy Spirit is the person, power, and presence of God. The Holy Spirit is God.

Our Kingdom Constitution

Our Kingdom Constitution

Pastor Richard Reaves: Apr 8

Disciples of Jesus are to be guided by our beliefs concerning the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus to Christ

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 25 - Apr 1, 2018

Take a journey with Jesus to the cross and beyond for six weeks. This series is designed for you to reflect on the extraordinary journey of Jesus' last days, as told in the Gospel of John. May the question that Jesus asked, "Who do you say I am?" change our lives, our congregation, and transform our communities and cities.

Vision 2020

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 4 - Feb 25, 2018

Find out that "God makes the vision known and He alone speaks into us dreams." Find out how you can make "Potential Future into a Present Reality"


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 31, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018

We know in theory that resting with God brings us closer to Him. We know God more when we spend time with Him. Being with God and spending time with God are better for us. BUT, in practice, we are inclined to define our relationship with God in terms of "doing." But excessive activities do not bring us closer to God. They take us away from God. Rest is necessary for renewal.

Miracle Anthem

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 3 - Dec 24, 2017

There is a "New Song" waiting to break out in all of us. "Miracle Anthem" is a Christmas Series specially designed for you to discover your breakout song. God spoke to a barren woman, a young ordinary virgin, an old priest, an old ordinary man, and to a common shepherd. This Christmas may God speak to you that you will break out with a new song.

Since 1850:  You are My Witnesses

Since 1850: You are My Witnesses

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 26

Four things you need to know when you are on God's Witness Protection: 1) God calls you by your name so you can find your true name; 2) When God cals your name His presence goes with you into your future; 3) when God calls your name, he calls you to be His witness; and 4)God formed and claimed you for His Glory.

Time for Another Earthquake

Time for Another Earthquake

Larry Rice: Nov 19

Larry Rice is the executive director at Redwood Glen Christian camp.

Since 1850

Since 1850

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 12

Only Jesus can build His church, protect His church, give the key to the kingdom of heaven, and give the power to bind and loose.

The 11th Commandment

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 3 - Nov 5, 2017

Dare faith to command the mountain to move. Set God-sized goals and expect great things from a great God. Believe God will exceed your expectations above what you ask. Believe God will give abundantly above what you ask.

One - Created for His Glory

One - Created for His Glory

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 20

God is for everyone God created everyone for his glory

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth Group: Aug 13

Youth Sunday Faith stories from: Shim Valui, Rey Valui, Ayla Fung, Naveed Armin, Michael Whitney, Sadiye Yuksel, and Kristina Barbosa


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jul 9 - Aug 6, 2017

H.O.P.E. SV is a series on the theme to "Live Like Christ To Live With Christ." The Envisioned future for the followers of Jesus is to live with Christ eternally. Christ taught clearly that our present vision (action) on living is directly linked to our envisioned future.

The Father's Love

The Father's Love

Matt Stephens: Jul 2

The Father's love is amazing. Remember the incredible price was paid for our forgiveness.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Joel Robinson: Jun 25

Who we were, who we are, who we are becomming

Fatherhood of God

Fatherhood of God

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Jun 18

Seeing the father in action

Discover New Things

Discover New Things

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 11

Do not limit God; God has no limit; God demonstrates He is limitless.

Game Changers

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 7 - May 28, 2017

Many leaders have turned the world upside down. These leaders who changed the history of the world were ordinary people. What was their GameChanger? Resurrection! In this article I want to draw your attention to the ministry of Jesus after His resurrection. For forty days (Yes, 40 days), Jesus the Resurrected Lord ministered to the disciples. I pray this truth will transform your life.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Mar 5 - Apr 30, 2017

The seven letters from Jesus to the seven churches in Asia is to instruct the church in God's truth. Jesus communicated to the seven literal early churches which are both historical and prophetic. The messages had eternal spiritual significance to meet the needs of that time period and it still holds true in this time. Find out in this series what a church should be according to Jesus, the foundation and head of the church.

The Greatest Comeback

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 9 - Apr 16, 2017

Jesus coming back to life from death was the greatest comeback ever.

Project X

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 5 - Feb 26, 2017

The Genesis of Project "X" is rooted in the first blessing, "Be fruitful and multiply" and the great commission "Go and make disciples of all nations".

The Other Side

The Other Side

Pastor Gilbert Foster: Jan 29

Jesus calls us to reach the people on the other side.

Harvest 2017

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jan 1 - Jan 29, 2017

Let us come together with a "Daring Faith" to boldly ask for a "Greater Harvest" in 2017. Let our faith be unshakable and our hearts be moved with compassion for the weary and scattered without hope.
Jesus clearly stated we MUST pray. "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest"(Matt 9:37-38)

Focus 2017

Focus 2017

Matt Stephens: Jan 1

No greater work worth doing than the Kingdom of God.

Venture Capital Christ

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 4 - Dec 25, 2016

Dare to dream this Christmas season. Be ambitious to reform and transform your life. Dare to hope. Embark on spiritual and mystical venture that is bigger than life. Dare to love. Be bold to follow a path you have seen in your vision. Dare to live. Venture into a world you have not known and experienced. Dare to venture with Christ for a miracle.

The Walking Dead

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 6 - Nov 27, 2016

A Series on Living Without Fear. Can the undead live again? Will the dry bones come alive? People create fear to stoke fear. Fear sells. Anxiety and stress has been dubbed as the epidemic of the 21st century. Find out how you can overcome the epidemic of fear and anxiety.

Reaching Outside the Walls of the Church

Reaching Outside the Walls of the Church

Jonathan Fung: Oct 30

What will your response be as the Lord asks "Whom shall I send?" Will you say, "Here I am. Send me." Or will you respond with, "I am not ready".


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Oct 2 - Oct 30, 2016

Are we living for a paycheck or are we living for eternity? People worry what will happen if one day the paycheck stops. The paycheck for life may alleviate our fears and anxieties. Sadly, the paycheck for life may not free us from worrying. Human beings have the tendency to worry about everything.

Dreams Without Borders

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 4 - Sep 25, 2016

Many people who changed the world were ordinary people who had God-size dreams. People who changed the world were desperate to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Their passions were motivated by God-size care and compassion to change the lives of others. It is your turn turn to change the world. Find out in this series why the size of our GOD should determine the size of our dreams.

Prayer Covering

Prayer Covering

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Aug 21

My hope is to increase your faith in your authority (given by Christ) to enforce the kingdom of God on earth through prayer and reaching out to the lost the way Jesus taught us to.

None Nation

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jul 10 - Aug 7, 2016

Compelling faith is a compelling reason for people to explore and discover God. Do we have a compelling evidence for God? Is our daily living a compelling reason for others to connect to God? Genuine faith is persuasive faith. Let your day to day life speak clearly and boldly about God.

Sindependence Sunday

Sindependence Sunday

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jul 3

When the Spirit comes upon you, you have the good news for the poor. When the Spirit comes upon you, you have the healing balm for the brokenhearted. When the Spirit comes upon you, you have the key to free the captives and the oppressed.

Embracing our Priesthood

Embracing our Priesthood

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Jun 26

55 percent of Americans do not attend church. Over 70 percent attend church irregularly. More and more Americans are walking away from organized religion.

I am a Father - Round Table Discussion

I am a Father - Round Table Discussion

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 19

"I Am a Father" Round-Table

Apprentice: You Are Hired!

Apprentice: You Are Hired!

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 12

If you can get people to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.

Techtify: Use Net to Fish

Techtify: Use Net to Fish

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 5

Launch Out into the Deep and Let Down your Nets

Route 66: The Road to Destiny

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 10 - May 29, 2016

Are you at the crossroads of many paths? There is a one road that will lead you to the right destination. Consider taking Route 66 as there is only one path that leads to eternal life. The directions are written in the 66 Books of the Holy Bible. The purpose of this series is to study the 66 inspired books and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we “Touch Heaven and Change The Earth.”

Seven Wishes of a Mother for Her Children

Seven Wishes of a Mother for Her Children

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 8

Mother's Day sermon

Watch! Keeping God's Perspective in Life

Watch! Keeping God's Perspective in Life

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Apr 3

The just shall live by faith. We must keep watch over our perspective in life, keeping our faith alive in God's greatness and our trust in Him no matter how contrary life may be at the time.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Mar 20 - Mar 27, 2016

The resurrection is a revolution. Your life will never be the same when you experience the resurrection of the power of Jesus. Experience the revolution by believing in the resurrection. Let the stone keep rolling, resurrecting you daily.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 7 - Mar 13, 2016

Finding your God-given spiritual gifts is like finding divine gold. In this series we will help you explore and discover your divine gold. The ultimate goal is to help and equip you to utilize and exercise your spiritual gifts.
"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us." (NKJ 2 Corinthians 4:7)


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jan 3 - Jan 31, 2016

DNA is the Medium but not the Message. We are God's DNA and He has revealed His Divine Plans in His Word. The Divine Plans in the Bible can be Decoded through the help of the Holy Spirit. We have a unique Spiritual DNA Fingerprint to live out the command and carry out the commission of God, unique to our context and culture.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 29 - Dec 20, 2015

Hope is not the absence of despair. Peace is not the absence of fear. Love is not the absence of hate. Joy is not the absence of Pain. In this series encounter the God who became man and let Him transform your life. Let your life be a part of God's miracle. Experience hope that is certain, peace that is real, love that is authentic and joy that is contagious.

God Will Always Provide

God Will Always Provide

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 22

Is God Enough? Find out how you can rely on God for daily provisions. Look to Him for direction. Let God give you rest and edify your soul. I can say with all my heart, God has provided everything I need. He is able to do beyond what we ask and think. God is able.

God is Never Late

God is Never Late

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 15

God will never forsake His people. He will fulfill All His promises. His timing is not our timing. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. Remember God has a plan and purpose for All of us. In His time He will make all things beautiful.

Pastor Valui Installation Service

Pastor Valui Installation Service

Dr. Bill Hoyt: Nov 8

Dr Bill Hoyt give the charge to the church and Pastor Rich installs Pastor Valui as the new senior pastor.

The Church Christ Wants to Build

Pastor Richard Reaves: Sep 27 - Nov 1, 2015

Christ wants to build His church. But not just any church. His church needs to reflect the heart of the Father. It needs to value what He values and join Him in the work He is already accomplishing. This series will explore the Biblical teachings about the Father's church- the church Christ wants to build through us at SCFBC.

Divine Destiny

Divine Destiny

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 20

We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Pastor Richard Reaves: Sep 13

God is leading SCFBC into uncharted waters. As we depend on His guidance He will see us safely through.

A Time to Refocus and Refresh Ourselves in the Lord

A Time to Refocus and Refresh Ourselves in the Lord

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Aug 16

A Time to Refocus and Refresh Ourselves in the Lord

Freedom From Financial Worry

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jul 26 - Aug 9, 2015

We live in an age of financial insecurity. The Stock Market goes up and down at any international crisis. Increasing prices and stagnant wage growth makes it harder to buy life's necessities. The future remains uncertain. Worry is the natural result. This series examines how to find freedom from financial worry by knowing and applying God's financial principles.

Building Blocks

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 3 - Jul 12, 2015

Jesus wants to build His church based on certain fundamental spiritual principles. Churches built on these principles will grow, thrive and stand the test of time. Failure to build on these principles will create a weak church that will eventually crumble. The Apostle Paul reveals these building blocks in his letter to the Philippian church.

The Greatest Community

The Greatest Community

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jul 12

A special message for Youth Sunday.

Father's Day Message

Father's Day Message

Greg Robbins: Jun 21

To remind everyone that Christ is the only way that we can have forgiveness and freedom from judgement.

Finding Home

Pastor Richard Reaves: Apr 12 - Apr 26, 2015

All of us are instinctively searching for a place called "home." This is where we can be our true selves without fear of ridicule or rejection. Our sense of nostalgia directs us to return to the place of our childhood. But truthfully, such a "place" is only found in the presence of a loving God. What will it take for us to arrive there? The Parable of the Prodigal Son provides us a road map.

Soul Keeping

Pastor Richard Reaves: Mar 1 - Apr 5, 2015

We all have issues in life that emerge from our damaged souls, from that part of our interior being that we have too often overlooked. To ignore our souls is to find ourselves continually hamstrung, hindered from progressing in the relational, spiritual, and emotional arenas of our lives. Someone must tend to the inner spring. This series will teach us how to do it.

I Will Build My Church

I Will Build My Church

Dr. Bill Hoyt: Feb 22

Dr Bill Hoyt shares a message about the state of the Church in America.

Jesus Says 'No More'

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jan 4 - Feb 5, 2015

Violence against another human being should not be tolerated. Where did Jesus do the same? Where did Jesus say, “No more?” Throughout His earthly ministry our Lord made many such statements not just by what He said but by what He did. By His life choices He demonstrated to us the heart/mind/will of the Father God. Today He calls on each of His modern-day disciples to do the same.

Growing your Faith

Growing your Faith

Dr. Daniel Griffiths: Feb 8

God saves us through his grace, but growing our faith is our responsibility.


Pastor Richard Reaves: Nov 30 - Dec 28, 2014

In a world where we are conditioned to speed, hurry, and immediate results, God often calls us to wait. Waiting on God forces us to deal with our own inadequacies and impatient self-centeredness. Learning how to wait on God leads to a quiet heart, new strength, and a wider perspective.



Pastor Richard Reaves: Nov 23

The Mission of Santa Clara First Baptist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who love God, obey God, serve God and help others become Jesus followers.

Life Savers

Pastor Richard Reaves: Sep 14 - Nov 16, 2014

Humanity is drowning - drowning in a sea of illusions, lies, and false beliefs. What we have been told, what we have dreamed up, what we have come to rely on are false pictures of ourselves, others and our relationship to God. Only God can be trusted to reveal what’s really real. His truth statements are like life savers thrown to a world that's adrift and sinking. This series will examine eight such life savers sent to save us.

Missions in the Congo

Missions in the Congo

Kyle Williams: Oct 19

Live on less so that others can have enough.

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Jonathan Fung: Oct 12

The power of prayer and when we approach our Lord on our knees and the power of prayer in partnership coming together for those in need.

The Present's Present

The Present's Present

Matt Stephens: Aug 31

God gives us time to focus on what he is doing now; time is a resource to neither procrastinate with or pack too much into.



Dr. Tim Brown: Aug 17

When something of value is lost, it becomes the owner's focus of attention.

It's a Wonderful Life

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jul 20 - Aug 10, 2014

Jesus is not content being our Savior, but also insists on being our Lord. He's not content with us knowing the right answers about the faith; he wants us to actually live by faith. Actually living out our faith in our everyday lives is what we've been made to do. It's the only way to experience a wonderful life.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth: Jul 13

Louis Vanneste, Emily Ramer, and Victoria Avelar share testimonies during the Youth Sunday service.

Who will Lead Us?

Who will Lead Us?

Pastoral Search Team: Jul 6

Andrew Wong, Greg Robbins, Lisa Robinson, Larry Trigg, and Jonathan Fung, share about the Pastoral Search Team progress.

The Money Plant

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jun 22 - Jun 29, 2014

Money is a double-edged force in our lives. It can become a rival to God Himself and consume us with greed. Or it can enable us to be generous and bless the lives of many. The choice is ours to make on a daily basis.

For I am With You

For I am With You

Greg Robbins: Jun 15

A message on God's promise of always being there for us.

Try It, You'll Like It

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 11 - Jun 8, 2014

God has told us what is good for us spiritually, relationally, emotionally. It seems to lack the appeal that the offerings of the world provide. Only a Spirit-inspired mind transformation will enable us to try out and discover how God's will is "good for us, acceptable to our tastes, and perfectly suited to meet our needs."

Doing missions the Jesus way

Doing missions the Jesus way

Ray Schooler: May 4

Ray Schooler from our region shares a message on doing missions the Jesus way.

He is Risen?  He is Risen!

He is Risen? He is Risen!

Greg Robbins: Apr 27

He is Risen? He is Risen!

Could It Really Be True?

Pastor Richard Reaves: Mar 9 - Apr 20, 2014

Jesus claims to be the answer to the world's greatest questions. He speaks to our deepest needs, shows us the right way of living, and is carrying out His plan for the redemption of the world. Do we dare to believe Him?

The Clue in the Camel

The Clue in the Camel

Pastor Jennifer Hammar: Mar 2

How to know if that God-given opportunity is really from God

Everything I Learned about God

Everything I Learned about God

Greg Robbins: Feb 23

Don't put off what God is calling you to do.

All Things New

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jan 5 - Feb 16, 2014

God is in the business of doing new things. He creates new relationships, opportunities, structures, communities, and finally a new heaven & earth. What new things does He want to do in your life, in our church's life?

What's Better than Being Like Mike

What's Better than Being Like Mike

Dr Bill Hoyt: Jan 12

Jesus hung out with sinners, asked questions, and told stories.


Pastor Richard Reaves: Dec 1 - Dec 29, 2013

Life is full of journeys. Our life story is stuffed with various mini-travels. We are always on the move, migrating from one place to another, one emotion to another, one state to another, sometimes joyful, sometimes fearful but never alone. God travels with us always.

Heartfelt Giving

Pastor Richard Reaves: Nov 10 - Nov 24, 2013

The way people handle their possessions is determined by the state of their hearts. Disciples of Jesus are moving from a heart attitude of greed through contentment to an attitude of generosity. The further a person moves along this continuum, the healthier a person becomes.

Transforming Truths

Pastor Richard Reaves: Sep 15 - Nov 3, 2013

What we believe really matters. It is what we believe that determines our view of ourselves, our world and even God, Himself. Just what are your beliefs? This series will examine eight key beliefs that, if believed and acted upon, will transform our lives.

Don't Let the Lions Distract You

Don't Let the Lions Distract You

Pastor Jennifer Hammar: Sep 8

When God is #1 our life is our testimony

Moral of the Story: Jonah

Moral of the Story: Jonah

Pastor Jennifer Hammar: Sep 1

There's more to the story of Jonah than the fish. When our hearts are fully devoted to Christ, its going to be obvious.


Pastor Richard Reaves: Jun 23 - Aug 18, 2013

Our personal stories are a part of God's overarching story. His story reaches from before the beginning of our time and will continue on forever. And we can choose to participate in it. The Bible is full of accounts in which God's plan purposely intersected the plan of someone else's life and we can learn from each of them.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth: Jul 7

Youth Sunday messages by Ande Burns, Emily Ramer, Hannah Lageschulte, and Carmen Cintas

Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Greg Robbins: Jun 16

Father's Day Message

Erasing God

Erasing God

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jun 9

Only by keeping God at the center of our lives can we hope to live rightly in today's world.

Choices: Comparative Religions

Choices: Comparative Religions

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 26

Christianity presents an entirely unique concept of God and our relationship to Him.

High Stakes Faith

Pastor Richard Reaves: Apr 21 - May 19, 2013

What you believe really matters. Your eternal destiny literally hangs in the balance. The opinions you hold about the final destination of all of humanity couldn't be more important to us and our loved ones. This series will explore five key realities that each person must live by if they are going to live a life based on the ultimate certainties of our existence.

Now What?

Now What?

Pastor Jennifer Hammar: Apr 7

What comes after the resurrection of Christ, both for the disciples back in the day, and for us here and now. Lesson 1: Holy Spirit is key. Lesson 2: Focus on the Kingdom of Heaven. Lesson 3: Share your witness.

Rooted in Love

Pastor Richard Reaves: Feb 17 - Mar 31, 2013

Everyone needs a strong, unchanging foundation upon which to build their lives. Many depend on people or circumstances which, too often, fail to hold together in the tough times of life. Only God provides the kind of firm foundation that will never falter. His love is constant, generous, and given freely to all who will receive it. The apostle Paul urged everyone to be "rooted in God's love." This series will explore how we can do this in our day-to-day lives.

Who Is This Man?

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jan 6 - Feb 10, 2013

From complete obscurity, Jesus came to public attention for the blink of an eye. When he died, his tiny failed movement appeared clearly at an end. But Jesus' impact was greater a hundred years after his death than during his life; it was greater still after five hundred years; and after two thousand years he has more followers in more places than ever. Our new series "Who is this man?" examines the impact of Jesus on our world.

Immanuel - God with Us

Pastor Richard Reaves: Dec 2 - Dec 30, 2012

Long ago in Isaiah 7:14 the prophet promised God would come to earth in the form of a child. His name reflected this new reality: Immanuel, God with us. The arrival of Jesus fulfilled this prediction and forever changed our world. This series will chronicle how God personally interacted with the principle characters of the Christmas story and what His presence means for us today.

The Father Jesus Knows

Pastor Richard Reaves: Oct 7 - Nov 25, 2012

A.W. Tozer once wrote, “What comes into our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Why is this so? Because our thoughts about God will determine not only who we think we are but how we choose to live. To learn the truth about God we turn to His Son, Jesus. This series will replace our false narratives about God with the true narratives about the Father who Jesus knows and has described.

From the Inside Out

Pastor Jennifer Hammar: Sep 23 - Sep 30, 2012

Real, lasting change happens from the inside out. This is especially true for those who want to become more like Christ. Becoming more like Jesus isn't about changing behaviors, it's all about changing the heart. In this series we're going to explore why reading Scripture is so vital to our transformation.

The Church Jesus Wants To Build

Pastor Richard Reaves: Aug 5 - Sep 16, 2012

Jesus told His disciples, "I will build my church." But, what constitutes a healthy, effective church? What Jesus wants to do is create a group of people who become a Holy Spirit inspired & empowered catalyst to bring His life-changing grace in its varied forms into the lives of every person on this planet. This series outlines the characteristics of such a church and the impact it can make on this needy world.

First Baptist Church Assessment

First Baptist Church Assessment

Dr. Bill Hoyt: Sep 9

Dr. Bill Hoyt shares with the church body his assessment of where our church is at and where we need to go. His presentation slides can be viewed here.

Religion of the Heart

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jul 22 - Jul 29, 2012

Our Next Step

Our Next Step

Joel Robinson: Jul 15

God often calls us to take steps of faith, are we listening?

Go for the Gold

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jun 24 - Jul 8, 2012

Father's Day Message

Father's Day Message

Greg Robbins: Jun 17

Father's day message.

Where Are You Going?

Where Are You Going?

David Bennett: Jun 10

God has a great purpose and direction for our lives. Lets find it.

The Lord's Prayer

Pastor Richard Reaves: Apr 15 - May 27, 2012

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

Glen Chapman: Apr 22

Glen shares about his work in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a Missionary.

An After Dinner Conversation

Pastor Richard Reaves: Feb 12 - Apr 8, 2012

It's a New Day

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jan 1 - Feb 5, 2012

A New Advent

Pastor Richard Reaves: Dec 4 - Dec 25, 2011

Renovation of the Church

Pastor Richard Reaves: Oct 30 - Nov 27, 2011

The Land Between

Pastor Richard Reaves: Sep 18 - Oct 23, 2011

Christianity in Motion

Pastor Richard Reaves: Jun 5 - Sep 11, 2011

Father's Day Message

Father's Day Message

Greg Robbins: Jun 19

Finding time with God can sometimes be a challenge.

Where do we go from Here

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 15 - May 29, 2011

Here to Serve

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 1 - May 8, 2011

Crazy Love

Pastor Richard Reaves: Mar 13 - Apr 24, 2011