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If you missed a Sunday or are just checking out Santa Clara First Baptist Church, we invite you to watch to our weekly messages online.

Count Your Blessings

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Nov 1, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020

In crisis, while you are living through hard times, counting your blessings can let you choose to live a life of gratitude. It is not enough just to count the blessings; name your blessings and it will surprise you what the Lord has done for you.

The Redemption Playbook

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Oct 4, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020

When the odds are against you, expect the unexpected. God remembers everything and never forgets His promises.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 6, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020

Every tree will be known by its fruit. A good tree is a byproduct of deep and healthy roots. This series will give specific directions on how to become a person planted by the streams of water.

The Hope Plan

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 2, 2020 - Aug 30, 2020

God has a Plan. His Plan is for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. The "Hope Plan" Series is to remind us that God gives us a future of hope.

Rooted in Discipleship

Jul 12, 2020 - Jul 26, 2020

A Sermon Series on our ministry priorities. Why we do we do what we do and what we value.

Ancient-Future Church

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: May 31, 2020 - Jul 5, 2020

This 6-week Sermon Series on "How to Have an Unshakable Faith to Rejoice in Trying Times" will help you build an enduring faith and bear both abundant and enduring fruit in the post-pandemic world.

Upside-Down Living

Upside-Down Living

Pastor Richard Reaves: May 24, 2020

Followers of Jesus are called to live in such as way as to stand the values of this world on their heads.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Apr 5, 2020 - Apr 25, 2020

The 4 weeks series will guide you on how to live a victorious life in all your seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Ekklesia 365

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Feb 9, 2020 - Mar 22, 2020

Imagine genuinely loving your neighbors 365 days of the year. Imagine genuinely loving your enemies 365 days of the year. Imagine genuinely forgiving others 365 days of the year. Imagine experiencing such inner freedom and the outward faithful representation of Jesus.

The Gospel Plan

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Sep 1, 2019 - Nov 24, 2019

God has a plan for you, a plan to give you eternal life.



Jonathan Fung: Dec 29, 2019

How to fast and pray for 31 days.


Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Dec 1, 2019 - Dec 22, 2019

With God, nothing is impossible. He is the Great I Am (IM). For with God nothing is impossible. Are the odds stacked against you? Do you want to turn the odds in your favor? Here's how you can make the impossible possible.

Rebuilding Relationships Starts With Forgiveness

Rebuilding Relationships Starts With Forgiveness

Sun Kim: Nov 17, 2019

Rebuilding relationships begins with forgiveness, and with healing and hope we can build a love stronger than ever before.

Only the Name of Jesus Can Give Real Protection

Only the Name of Jesus Can Give Real Protection

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Aug 18, 2019

Only Jesus can give real protection Only Jesus can promise real prosperity Only Jesus can manifest the presence of God

The Fellowship and Character of a Church Family

The Fellowship and Character of a Church Family

Matt Stephens: Aug 11, 2019

Santa Clara First Baptist Church is a house of prayer for all nations and of all nations. Our church courtyard will be the place where those nations come together, as family, to fellowship, eat, pray and grow. Bringing this to reality will require us to imitate the work, labor and endurance of the Thessalonians.

Hope Sunday

Hope Sunday

Dr. Jeffrey Haggray: Aug 4, 2019

Guest preacher Dr. Jeffrey Haggray shares a message of hope this Sunday.

Who Is My Neighbor

Pastor Wungreiso Valui: Jun 2, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019

The series "Who is my neighbor" is about what kind of a person am I. The question "Who is my neighbor" directly deals with the question "Who am I." The Great Commandment is more about you than the neighbor. Finding your neighbor is finding yourself. The decisive issue facing you is the issue of love. Loving God will lead you to love your neighbor as yourselves.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving Your Neighbor

Dr. James Brenneman: Jul 21, 2019

Guest Pastor Dr. James Brenneman give the sermon today on All Nations Sunday.

Youth Sunday

Youth Sunday

Youth: Jul 14, 2019

Youth Sunday messages by Ayla Fung, Rey Valui, and Shim Valui.

God Our Father

God Our Father

Margareth Valui: Jun 16, 2019

God is a caring, faithful, and good father. How can we learn to live and love like he does?