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Hurricane Katrina 2006 Relief Trip Photos

August 13th - August 20th, 2006

Danijela Tomic Tara O'Sullivan Bobby Ramer
Daniel Howe Stephanie Rocha Justin Fraser
Matt Stephens Robert Paez Amy Victorson
Tim McLenegan Sharon Cintas Jerry Cintas
Larry Evaristo Dwight Whipple  


In Kenner, Louisiana


Waiting for our shuttle

Eating at a local restaurant called Dott's Diner

Unloading at Operation Blessing

Checking out the fish hatchery behind Operation Blessing

We saw this house while driving around Slidell


Daniel, Dwight, and Tim


Robert and Amy


Playing poker at the command center Sunday night

Eating breakfast Monday morning

Sharon leading us in worship


Robert demonstrating the respirator

Loading the van

Our first house.  The roof was blown off in a tornado

The backyard and pool

A closet in our first house

A very wet bathroom with a tub that was overflowing into the house

Sharon and the homeowner

Tearing down fences

Demo is done, now we need to cleanup.


     One of our trash piles


Dwight working on the high stuff

Job well done

Cleanup crews clearing our piles

Tim in the guys sleeping area

The bug busters

Tim putting fish into a pool to eat mosquitoes

Amy putting Vecto-Lex in the pool to kill mosquitoes

Robert and Danijela on the Mississippi river

The front of the Operation Blessing Medical Clinic

Stephanie and Sherry at the Operation Blessing Medical Clinic

Tara and her new bugfriend at the insect lab

The phase 1 wrecking crew on house #2

The kitchen was trashed.  The refrigerator was knocked over.

Our 2nd house.  Water came up to the roof level.

A newspaper was stuck to the floor with a warning of what was to come.

The kitchen cabinets

Ready to gut house #2 with our phase 2 team

Matt and Terry, the homeowner

A crane came by to remove the appliances we pulled out

Bobby, Danijela, and Robert on break.

Tim on break

Sharon inspecting our cleanup

A job well done on house 2

Dwight cutting a tree from house #2's roof

Dwight and Justin

House #3, a really old house

Stephanie working

Amy working

The homeowner and Sharon

Hearing the homeowner's story

Lunch break next door

House #3 is finished in 1 day

Matt getting a shave by Stephanie

Near Bay St. Louis city on the gulf

At Sonic drive-in for smoothies

Our house #4 outside Saint Bernard Parish

Bobby and Danijela wondering how the washer got up there

The bathroom was a mess

Larry investigating house #4

Tim going medieval on the shed

Sharon leading the backyard work crew

Danijela and Larry cleaning out the cabinets

Looking down the street of house #4 near Saint Bernard Parish

A thunder storm came upon us at lunch time

The home owners of house #4

Matt and Stephanie pulling up the particle board floor

Our debris pile kept on getting bigger

The rain came again when we were cleaning up

After ending the day on our last house on Friday evening.