Hope is not the absence of despair. Peace is not the absence of fear. Love is not the absence of hate. Joy is not the absence of Pain. In this series encounter the God who became man and let Him transform your life. Let your life be a part of God's miracle. Experience hope that is certain, peace that is real, love that is authentic and joy that is contagious.

JESUS: The Relevant Prophet of Hope

November 29, 2015 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Hope, "Elpis" in Greek means to anticipate, welcome properly and expect what is sure and certain. Is your hope certain? Where do you put your hope? Is your hope sure? In whom do you place your hope? There is HOPE that is sure and certain. His name is Jesus. He is the Hope of ALL Nations.

Jesus: The Radical Prince of Peace

December 6, 2015 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Christ Peace is: Eternal Peace, Inclusive Peace, Real Peace, Just Peace.

Jesus: The Redemptive Promised Joy

December 13, 2015 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Joy is... 1. The Recognition of God's Extended Grace. 2. The Realization of God's Extended Grace. 3. Rejoicing in God's Extended Grace.

Jesus: The Relational Priest of Love

December 20, 2015 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

God created us to live eternally. God's Son gave us eternal life. God's Spirit guarantees eternal life.

Jesus: The Restoring Gift

December 27, 2015 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Three things we can learn from the wise men on worship, on wealth, and on service.