Making Disciples

In order to fulfill the commandment of Jesus to make disciples, we must first become true disciples ourselves. This fall, we will study the life and ministry of Paul as the model for engaging today's culture, using the Gospel as he presents it in the Book of Acts. In a rapidly changing world, how can we engage today's ever-changing culture with the never-changing Gospel?

Intention and Execution are Two Different Things

September 30, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

The zeal for making disciples does not grow out of superior spirituality and theological scholarship, but out of love.

Why Should I follow Jesus?

October 7, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

How did Paul make a difference? How can I make a difference?

Harvesting Contention and Division

October 14, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

The Impact of Paul and Barnabas' Contention on Making Desciples

Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

October 21, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

Turning Suffering Into Blessings

October 28, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Make known the unknown God in a hurting world.

Do Not Be Afraid

November 4, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Jesus said, "For I am with you." Do Not Be Afraid, but speak, do not keep silent, For I am with you.

Finding the Real Power when you are Powerless

November 11, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

The word of the Lord grew and prevailed through the power of the Holy Spirit

Choosing Living Over Existing

November 18, 2018 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

There is a difference between living and existing. You are created to choose living life fully over simply existing.