Miracle Anthem

There is a "New Song" waiting to break out in all of us. "Miracle Anthem" is a Christmas Series specially designed for you to discover your breakout song. God spoke to a barren woman, a young ordinary virgin, an old priest, an old ordinary man, and to a common shepherd. This Christmas may God speak to you that you will break out with a new song.

Zacharias' Song

December 10, 2017 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Zacharias' song is the messianic message and song that Jesus will sit on David's throne forever, the song that Jesus is the redeemer, the song that Jesus will perform God's covenant with Abraham, and the song that John the Baptist will prepare the way for the Messiah.

Mary's Song

December 24, 2017 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui

Mary sang about the great things God has done.