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Prescriptions for First Baptist

The following "prescriptions" were given to Santa Clara First Baptist Church on September 9th, 2012 by Dr. Bill Hoyt based on surveys and focus group meetings with the congregation. The presentation audio files and meeting notes can be found here.

Prescription #1

Adopt the following Goal-based Vision for 2013:

  • Baptize a minimum of 15 new "adult" conversions
  • A minimum of 90 people involved in Life Groups
  • A minimum of 65% of the people involved in some on-going form of ministry or mission
  • Increase giving to a minimum of 6% of congregational household income. Currently at 5%.
  • A minimum of 45 people being instrumental in helping someone come to faith

Prescription #2

Focus on outreach that:

  • Creates presence and builds relationships
  • Establish goal that every local outreach in 2013 results in at least one household becoming involved in the life of the church if not in a relationship with Jesus

Prescription #3

Initiate a System for or strengthen the existing System for:

  • Assimilation by April 1, 2013
  • Leader Development by June 1, 2013
  • Communication by September 1, 2013

Prescription #4

Streamline and Modernize Leadership and Governance System.

  • Board acceptance or rejection of "The Accountability Model" of church governance by April 1, 2013.
  • Either the Accountability Model or a similar, modern, effective governance model in place and operative by November 1, 2013

Prescription #5

By October 7, 2012 vote to accept or reject Prescriptions 1-4 in their entirety. If the vote is affirmative to accept the prescriptions and the church requests it, a coach will be "gifted" to the church to assist you in following through on the Prescriptions.

Prescription #6

By January 1, 2013 enter into an Intentional Transition Phase.
Begin doing the things typically done by a church as it readies itself for its next chapter and next senior pastor.

  • Assessment
  • Completion of Prescriptions
  • Clarifying its Mission and Vision
  • Establishing and Training a Search Team
  • Completing the search process

Intentional Transition Phases typically

  • Last 12-30 months
  • Involve a pastor's resignation and the calling of an intentional transition pastor
  • Increasingly the intentional transition pastor role is being filled by the current, retiring pastor

The Assessment Team believes that with coaching, Pastor Rich is more than capable of serving in this role

By November 15th the Board and Pastor Rich will determine if Pastor Rich will serve as the intentional transition pastor

  • Continue as your pastor
  • Agree to a specific contract delineating the transitional work of following through on the Prescriptions preparing the church to call its next senior pastor