Who is My Neighbor?
Joshua and the Gibeonites
Sunday June 9th, 2019 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui
Joshua 9

Central Idea: Be Honorable, Faithful and Merciful to your neighbors. Seek God's counsel in building relationships with your neighbors. God's mercy and grace is for all people - including those who deceive you.

A Commandment With Promises

The commandment is positive. The command to love your neighbors comes with promises:

  1. Your days may be prolonged
  2. Your life will be well for you
  3. You will multiply greatly

Joshua Honored His Words To The Gibeonites (Joshua 9:15 & 19)

  1. Joshua made peace and a covenant with the Gibeonites.
  2. Joshua was a man of his word. He was deceived by the Gibeonites, but he did not go back on his word.
  3. Joshua allotted land to the Gibeonites when they entered the Promised Land.

Joshua Was Faithful To God And The Gibeonites (Joshua 9:26-27)

  1. Joshua was faithful in keeping the covenant that he made with the Gibeonites, just as God was faithful to the Israelites.
  2. God's covenant cannot be broken. Just as the constancy of day and night, the covenant will be constant. (Jeremiah 33:20)
  3. God's covenant of peace shall not be removed. (Isaiah 54:10)

Joshua Showed Mercy To The Gibeonites (Joshua 9:26-27)

  1. Joshua showed mercy to the Gibeonites.
  2. He saved the Gibeonites from the hands of the children of Israel.
  3. The Gibeonites were made to serve the congregation and at the altar of the LORD.

Cross References and Background

  • 1. The Gibeonites were allotted land. (Joshua 21:17)
  • 2. When Saul put Gibeonites to death, God intervened to keep His covenant. (2 Samuel 21:1-14)
  • 3. Gibeonites were among the Israelites who returned from Exile. (Ezra 2:70)
  • 4. David set apart the Nethinims to assist the Levites (Ezra 8:20)
  • 5. Gibeon became a part of Judea. (Nehemiah 3:7)
  • 6. The Gibeonites were part of rebuilding the wall. (Nehemiah 3:26)
  • 7. Azzur's son, Hananiah, came from Gibeon. (Jeremiah 28:1)

Context: Why are these passages important?

  • 1. The Gibeonites were a group of people descended from the Amorites, who were enemies of Israel.
  • 2. Israel had defeated the city of Jericho and nearby Canaanites.
  • 3. Joshua's treaty with the Gibeonites.
  • 4. Israel did not consult God
  • 5. The Gibeonites were made servants to Israel.

Conviction: How did the passages impact you?

  • 1. What did you discover about God keeping His covenant with the Gibeonites?
  • 2. What did you discover about not consulting God for wisdom?
  • 3. What did you discover about showing honor, faithfulness, and mercy toward your neighbors?

Commitment: What should you do now?

  • 1. Consider how the enemy can deceive us without us having the help of God.
  • 2. Consider why we need to pray to God to build good relationships with our neighbors.
  • 3. Consider how God requires His people to be faithful.
  • 4. Consider honor, faithfulness, and mercy as practices that show your love of God and your neighbors.