Who is My Neighbor?
Elisha And Naaman The Syrian Commander
Sunday June 23rd, 2019 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui
2 Kings 5

Central Idea:

God does not show partiality. He gives mercy to everyone with a humble heart.

We question the promises of God and wonder what good are the commandments of God. God promised prolonged life and wel-lbeing when we love our neighbors, but if the hearts of our neighbors are hard, we give up. God never gives up on you, and He never gives up even on those who don't believe in Him.


What does the Bible say? Read 2 Kings 5.

Cross References: Other Biblical Text

Context: Why is this passage important today?

  • 1. The LORD had given victory to Naaman, who was a great, honorable, and mighty man of valor, though he was a leper (2 Kings 5:1). Your Neighbor needs healing and salvation.
  • 2. A captive Israelite servant girl told her mistress that Elisha would heal Naaman of his leprosy (2 Kings 5:2-4). Faith is a necessity to reach your neighbors.
  • 3. The King of Syria sent a letter to the King of Israel, instructing him to heal Naaman, and fear came upon the King of Israel when he received the letter (2 Kings 5: 5-7). There is no love in fear.
  • 4. Elisha told the King to send Naaman to him (2 Kings 5: 8-9). Faith conquers fear.
  • 5. Naaman was furious at Elisha's command to wash in the River Jordan seven times (2 Kings 5:5-10).
  • 6. Naaman was told to wash in the River Jordan seven times, and he would be healed, yet he resisted doing that (2 Kings 5: 9-13). Your neighbor's hearts can be hard, but don't give up.
  • 7. Naaman listened to his servant, dipped seven times in the River Jordan, and he was healed (2 Kings 5:14-19). Responsible speech heals, restores and saves.
  • 8. Gehiza was punished for greed and dishonesty (2 Kings 5: 20-27). Competition and comparison have no place for compassion.

Conviction: How did the passage impact you?

  • 1. What did you discover about God's power?
  • 2. What did you discover about the faith of a servant girl?
  • 3. What did you discover the distress of Israel's king?
  • 4. What did you discover about pride and humility?

Commitment: What should I do now?

  • 1. Consider how the servant girl believed in the power of God
  • 2. Consider the king's lack of power
  • 3. Consider what happens when we obey God
  • 4. Naaman was one of the first Gentiles who received the grace and mercy of God.