God Created Rest
Sunday September 4, 2022 - Pastor Wungreiso Valui
Genesis 2:1-3


God created rest so that we might glorify His Holy Name.


God created rest so that we may enter into His rest. Rest is the point of creation


Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made. Genesis 2:1-3

"Sabbath Rest" is more than rest

Shabbat Afternoon Liturgy gives more complete understanding of the word "a rest of love freely given, a rest of truth and sincerity, a rest in peace and tranquility, in quietude and safety." It is a rest yoked in the same breath to "holiness."

The Friday night prayers Jews recite every week tells us that Sabbath Day is to celebrate His rest. You made the Seventh Day Holy for Your Name, it being the very purpose of the Making of Heaven and Earth... Friday night shemoneh esrei. Shabbat, "rest," is portrayed as the very purpose of creation, the end for which the entire heavens and earth were created.

Rest is the very point of creation.

"Then God blessed the seventh day"

God did not create rest because He was tired, He created rest because everything was right.

  1. God granted a special favor to the seventh day by naming it Shabbat. The six days were simply designated as "Yom" which means day.
  2. Those who observe Sabbath will be blessed
  3. Labor for six days and God will bless you for seven days

Creation. Rest, And Creation

On the seventh day, the creation process comes to an end.

  1. Through the Sabbath blessing enters into the world.
  2. Through experiencing the Sabbath man is to take all those finite pieces and transform them into something higher and turn the world into something meaningful.

When Is Your Special Day of Rest?

"Seventh day and sanctified it"

  1. God set apart the seventh day from the rest of the day and granted special honor by calling it Holy.
  2. The sabbath is a weekly reminder that God is the creator and we belong to Him.

"He rested from all His work."

  1. We should imitate God and rest
  2. For one day relinquish your mastery to rest and do not interfere with the world
  3. Instead of creating, be one with the Creator

What Is God Teaching Us?

  1. God is teaching us to rest to bring balance to His creation.
  2. God is teaching us to rest from interfering with creation one day of the week.
  3. Work is not the end in itself

Why Do You Need A Sabbath Rest

  1. We are not created to be a beast of burden
  2. Our labor can enchains us, Sabbath rest unchains us
  3. Enjoy the world is silence and respect. We are not required to keep it going
  4. Rest allows us to become a living being

What Happens When You Observe Sabbath Rest

  1. You are at peace with yourselves and the rest of God's creations.
  2. Sabbath rest creates a sacred space to rest from worries and work
  3. Sabbath rest creates sacred space to enjoy yourselves with God, your families and friend


  1. How will you deepen your relationship with your spouse?
  2. How will You deepen your relationship with your children?
  3. How will you deepen relationship with your family?
  4. How will you deepen relationship with your friends?

How Do I Celebrate Sabbath Rest

  1. Celebrate the Shabbat with good food
  2. Feast on the Shabbat with affection
  3. Celebrate physical intimacy
  4. Celebrate your friends and community. Sabbath is meant to be shared.
  5. Enjoy time in nature, read a book or take a nap
  6. Share the good news with those who need Jesus


  1. The annual ministry year 2002 September -2023 August is a Sabbtical year, a year faith for our church.
  2. In the Sabbatical year, our focus is rest, renewal, rejuvenation, and reflection. The sabbatical year is broken down into four seasons- Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
  3. This is a year of faith. We are trusting God and resting on His promises to accomplish His work.