Church Staff

Welcome to Santa Clara First Baptist Church. All of our staff listed below have a unique story on how they came to know Jesus. They are all called to help others know about the truth and to have a personal relationship with our Savior.

Wungreiso Valui

Senior Pastor

To many Wungreiso Valui is known for his passion for the gospel, commitment to a deep prayer life and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is known for saying, "There is no greater joy than to lead someone to Jesus." To his family Wungreiso is a husband who loves his wife, a father who loves his children and a pastor who loves the church.

Margareth Valui

Family Life Pastor

Margareth Valui is an educationist, a gifted teacher and a spiritual leader. She has a unique gift to teach, disciple and mentor people of all ages. Her husband and children knows she is a loving wife, resourceful mother and a committed servant of God.

Jonathan Fung

Youth Pastor

Jonathan has a passion to mentor youth and help them experience God's love. His calling is to encourage the youth to discover their identity in Christ and begin to own their faith. Jonathan also teaches photography and art at San Jose State University and is a Mosaic Cross Cultural Faculty Fellow developing social justice issues, diversity, and mental health awareness on campus. He also creates art installations and films to explore the human condition, especially the injustice of human trafficking. Jonathan enjoys playing pick-up games and coaching high school basketball.

Camille Cintas

Director of Worship

Camille was born and raised here at Santa Clara First Baptist Church since 1996. After obtaining a Music degree from Sonoma State University, she now serves SCFBC as the new Worship Director. She is a well-rounded musician; with experience as a classical solo vocalist, choir section leader, Mariachi ensemble member, and Gospel-music lover. Camille has a deep love for multicultural worship and encourages our congregation to experience God's fullness through singing in other languages and music styles. In her spare time, Camille loves serving local college students with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Trudy Kroll

Administrative Assistant

Trudy Kroll joined the SCFBC staff in 2014 to provide administrative support in the office. Prior to taking this position, Trudy served as the Office Manager for a Pediatric Speech Clinic in Santa Clara. She likes music, sports, swimming and spending time with friends and family. An active member of SCFBC since 2001, Trudy enjoys doing volunteer work. Whether it is feeding the homeless or being involved in church ministries such as KID Zone, Cut-N-Paste, Sunday Grill, or a part of our Mexico House build, she is always willing to lend a hand.

Jerry Cintas

Property Administrator / Information Technology

Jerry Cintas grew up at Santa Clara First Baptist and after more than 45 years at the church has seen many changes and also has been involved in implementing major campus renovations. With an intensive background in Engineering, Software Design, Music, and Construction he is a welcomed addition to the staff.