Santa Clara First Baptist Volleyball League

2023 coed Fall Volleyball

League Rules

New or modified rules are in bold

  1. Teams are separated into divisions called: Recreational, Intermediate, and Advanced based on their skill level. Within each division there might be Lower, Middle, and Upper divisions.
  2. Each Recreational and Intermediate team may have no fewer than four (4) players and no more than six (6) players on the court for any game. A forfeit will be declared if the team has fewer than 4 players on the court (subject to rule 4).
  3. This is a Co-Ed league. If the present team is made up of only males or only females then only four (4) players may play on the court at one time, until an opposite sex player arrives. The Advanced division is an OPEN division and the teams may be made up of any combination of male and/or female.
  4. If a team shows up with only three (3) players, a 4th player may be temporarily added onto the court from another team in the same or lower division until more players arrive. This is to avoid a forfeit.
  5. For a team of four (4) players, the server will be considered a back row player.
  6. At game time, players must be at least 13 years old for games in the recreational and intermediate division and 15 years old for games in the advanced division. Age exceptions must be agreed to by both coaches prior to the start of a match.
  7. The League will use the 2017 (or most recent) Official United States Volleyball Rules as authorized by the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation).
  8. The teams will referee themselves in terms of nets, lines, application of FIVB rules, and the application of these written rules to the game. In the case of a disagreement a replay of the point should take place. Only team captains will make the final call on rule decisions and replays.
  9. Each team shall provide its own indoor volleyball. The game ball will be selected by the team coaches prior to the start of the match. If a disagreement occurs, the home team has the final say.
  10. Team captains will rock-paper-scissors for choice of serve or receive before the first and third sets. For the second set the choice of serve or receive will go to the losing team captain of the first set's rock-paper-scissors match.
  11. Teams forfeit 1 set for the first 10 minutes past game time that they do not have enough players on the court. Teams forfeit entire match if not enough players after 20 minutes. Game time is the time listed on the schedule.
  12. Any un-official games that are taking place on a court must clear that court no later than 10 minutes before the next scheduled match to allow warm-up time for the players of the upcoming match.
  13. All scoring will be done using the "Rally Scoring" method. Sets will go to 25 points, you must win by 2 points, and win 2 out of 3 sets to win the match. If needed, the 3rd set is played to 15 points.
  14. If the ball hits the net on a serve and goes into the opposing team's playing area, it is legal.
  15. There is no blocking or attacking of the serve.
  16. Players may not touch a ball on the opponent's side of the net except to block an attack.
  17. The height of the net should be set at co-ed height 7' - 6" for all Recreational and Intermediate games. Advanced games should be set to men's height 7'- 11 5/8".
  18. All fixtures and the ceiling are in play on your side of the court if the ball did not cross the net. Side walls, back walls, and rear fixtures are always out-of-bounds. All fixtures and the ceiling are out-of-bounds on a serve.
  19. Games immediately adjacent to each other are out-of-bounds. Players may not dive, jump or slide into an adjacent court to play a ball if there is an adjacent game in progress. If no adjacent games are in progress a player may enter another court to play a ball.
  20. Unlimited substitutions are allowed. Except for injury, a player who enters the game may not be substituted out of the game until after the player has completed a full rotation (back and front row). No libero players allowed.
  21. Only the two team coaches are responsible for rule interpretation and resolving any disputes that may arise. Any disputes that cannot be settled by the coaches will be decided by the league coaches and/or committee with final decision by the league director.
  22. Team prayers and devotionals are to be given to both teams. Before the match the visiting team will lead the prayer. After the match the home team (listed first on the schedule) will lead the devotional after the last set of the match.
  23. Players can switch teams, or play on multiple teams during the first two season matches without penalty. Otherwise, players may only play for one team but can switch teams once during the season outside the first two weeks if both the sending and receiving team coaches agree to the switch and it occurs before the halfway point of the season. Once the switch is made, that player must remain on the new team. New players can be added to a team at any time during the season.
  24. Players are eligible to play in the playoffs only if they have played in at least three (3) regular season games. A forfeited game counts as a played game for scheduled players of the non-forfeiting team. A player must have played two (2) actual games to participate in playoffs if the third (3rd) game was forfeited.
  25. The top 4 teams in each division will have (1) playoff match at the end of the regular season. The championship match will be played following the playoff match on the same night. A tournament schedule will be posted on
  26. End of season tie breakers will be determined in the following order:
     a. Win record (most matches won)
     b. Fewest forfeits
     c. Fewest lost matches
     d. Head to Head record (matches won)
     e. Head to Head against the top team in division (matches won)
     f. Total sets won (not matches)
     g. Coin toss
  27. All teams must report the results through or the gym host not later than a day following the match. Any problems, disputes, questions, or issues that arise need to be reported to the league director for resolution, Jerry Cintas,, 408-390-4696.
Last Updated: 2/7/2023