Library Team
January 2020

Happy New Year!

It's January 2020—Time to start the New Year with a month of Prayer & Fasting.

Fasting and praying are the themes of the books you'll find in the church lobby's Book Nook this month. I've also included many different translations/versions of the Bible we have in the Library, including a complete NIV version on CDs. For those of you who almost always use the same version of the Bible, this is the perfect time to read and compare the scriptures in a different translation. Please consider the opportunity to do that as we begin the New Year praying and fasting for a better understanding of God's Word.

Peace to you as you fast and study this month.

Will You Be Fasting This Month?

Just in time for January’s “Vision for Fasting and Prayer,” we’ve added The Fasting Handbook: Dining from an Empty Bowl to the library’s collection.

Here are some of the facts about the book:

It’s only 90 pages, so it's quite easy to read in a brief amount of time.

It includes the following chapters: 

—12 Types of Fasts

—14 Activities or Foods to Help You Refrain from Doing or Eating

—14 Practices for Cleansing Your Body

—22 Activities to Help You Fast, and many more helpful facts and ideas

Blessings to your family for a great 2020.

The Library Team