Jerry Cintas
AV Director
January 2020

Did you know that Santa Clara First Baptist Church now streams the 10:30 A.M. Sunday worship service Live on the Internet? If you are on Facebook, you'll find the service on your Timeline. Or you can see the live service on the Home Page of the church's website. The service is streamed in its entirety, including the music and the sermon. You can also watch past services on the church website.

After visiting other local churches and attending some trade shows on live streaming, we installed a simple two-camera system in the sanctuary. Each camera is controlled remotely from the sound room by using a joystick to set up the shots during the broadcast, and a video mixer switches between the two cameras.

The SCFBC Tech Team is looking for volunteers to operate the cameras once a month, so if you would like to be trained, please contact Jerry Cintas at or at 408-390-4696.