August 2020

Redwood Glen's Great Staff

Do we, who enjoy Redwood Glen, know what it takes to keep this place in tip-top shape? The camp's great staff does! Everyone on the staff loves working at the camp and for us, who enjoy this beautiful natural sanctuary. 

Because the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused the camp to shut down, the staff had to be furloughed. In May, Redwood Glen was blessed to receive two government emergency loans: a PPP [] and an EIDA.  Executive Director Larry Rice worked with each staff person to maximize the money they could receive from both loans and from unemployment funds. Currently, most of the staff are working part-time, and a few full-time. 

The staff who live on the campus as part of their employee compensation are able to remain in place. And the camp has been able to continue providing most employee benefits. Group food buying from a discount source has also helped each family get through the days a bit easier.

Redwood Glen is grateful to God and to the government for the loans. The staff team is vital to the camp’s eventual re-opening and its future ministry impact. You who donate to the camp monthly or occasionally have also greatly helped Redwood Glen do the best it possibly can for the staff. Thank you VERY much for this support. 

Because the camp will not be able to generate income until this fall at the earliest, the Camp Board will soon be announcing a major capital fund drive. This drive will provide the resources necessary to prepare the camp for reopening, to build housing for a new Executive Director, and to do repairs on current staff housing. Please be praying and reflecting now on what you will be able to do financially for the camp when this funding campaign begins. In the meantime, thank you very much for all you have done and can continue to do.