Jim Garvey
Chairman, Finance Committee
August 2020

Notes from the Finance Committee

At the end of June, halfway through our fiscal year, the church is doing OK – thanks to your support and giving. The General Fund giving, which pays the church budget including salaries, ministries, missions, and utilities (among many other things) is at 92.6% of the budgeted amount. Overall revenue, including giving, cell towers, and miscellaneous income, is at 96.5% of budgeted. Meanwhile, expenditures are at 91.8% of budgeted funds – so we’re in the black. We appreciate the staff’s efforts to keep the expenses down. 

Mission giving for the mission budget (which doesn’t include such items as COVID-19 relief or HOPE in India, El Salvador, or Nepal) includes 8% of General Fund giving and any designated gifts made to specific missions. Giving is at 95% of budgeted giving. 

Despite saying we’re OK, we’ve noticed a downward trend in giving to the General Fund in July, which is concerning. We realize there are attractive giving venues like COVID-19 relief (local and global), the Fellowship Fund, the Community Courtyard, HOPE, and others that may draw your attention from the General Fund. The General Fund is the financial lifeblood of the church. Without adequate General Fund giving, we wouldn’t be able to administer our other commitments. We encourage you to tithe to the General Fund and, over and above as you’re led, to give to the church's special causes (designated missions, COVID-19 relief, and other commitments ). 

Thank you for your generosity to the COVID-19 relief efforts, both locally and globally (NAGA, Delhi, and El Salvador) and the HOPE events also both locally and globally. You have good hearts and we thank God that you’re still able to give as you are led. 

The Community Courtyard project is close to completion. If you haven’t seen it, do a drive-by. As is usual with construction projects, it’s over budget. We encourage continued giving and pledges, and welcome any additional giving you feel led to provide. 

Most importantly, all money issues aside, be safe. The church isn’t the building or the institution or the Courtyard or the place to mount cell towers. It is the people – united in shared faith and belief. Please support the church – the people – by taking care of yourselves and others in our congregation. 

James 1:17 “Every generous act of giving and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father who made the heavenly lights, in whom there is no inconsistency or shifting shadow.” 

Jim Garvey, Chairman, Finance Committee