August 2020

The Patio in Gladys’ Backyard. This month’s photos give a view of Gladys McFarland’s backyard patio. Over a period of several days in June, Gladys and her friends Kathy and Elizabeth tidied up the patio, replanted many of the succulents, and then put everything in good order. These photos are from the afternoon of Thursday, the 2nd of July.

This first photo is the view you see when you come through the side gate into Gladys’ backyard patio.

A closer look at the group of succulents on the west side of the patio.

A wide variety of succulents on the east side of the patio. Both the Hollyhocks and the roses are still blooming and have many blossoms.

In the lower-left are many of the plants you saw in the second photo - the closeup - above. To the left of the Hollyhocks is the rose bush with the pale orange petals that appeared in the June or July article. 

A closer look at the plants on the east side of the patio.

The main difference between this photo and the one immediately above is that this shows how the Rose Bushes and the Hollyhocks highlight the patio.

We hope to again have something new for you next month, the first month of fall. Fall!